American writer, b. 1987 in Kansas City, MO.

michael (dot) s (dot) judge (at) gmail.


Host of Death Is Just Around the Corner.

Interview here; notice here; Skylight writeup here.

Nota bene: My writing employs an array of shifting, unstable, and often unnamed voices, none of which should be construed as my own.  If you want to know what I think about something, ask me.


… And Egypt is the River, 2011. Published September 2013, Skylight.

Lyrics of the Crossing, 2012. Published September 2014, Fugue State.

The Scenarists of Europe, 2011. Published March 2016, Dalkey Archive.

Index, 2012.

Heaven 1945, 2012.

Fracture Maps, 2013.

Citizen, 2013.

Hieroglyphs of Witness, 2013.

Ubixic, 2013. First chapter, posted by Mutable Sound.

Anubis in Jerusalem, 2013-14.

Corporum, 2014.

Pleiades, 2014.

Tehom, 2014.

Denominator’s Hive, 2015.

Larvæ, 2015.

Oedipus the King, 2015.

Psalter, 2015.

The Orphan’s Kaddish, 2015.

Sync Pulse (A Desert Polyphon), 2016.

Xenon’s Injektilo, 2016.

Ghost Dance at the Test Site, 2017.

The Last Electrician, 2017. Excerpt at Mutable Sound.

Dead City Signal Corps, 2017.

The Hospital of Logics, 2017.

Post-Solar Histories, 2017.

Holy Ghost Radio, 2018.

Asylum, 2018.

Nergal, 2018.

The Wounded Surgeon2019.

Rainbows Scan the Black Site, 2019.

Site Anubis, 2019.

Dead God Blackbox, 2020.

Cities of the Wasp, work in progress.


Flowers of Evil.  Translation of Charles Baudelaire.

Rilkebau.  Translation of/variations upon Rilke’s Duino Elegies.

Constellations of the Lung: Poems by Paul Celan.

The Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso.  Translation of Dante Alighieri.


Pilate’s Hands.  Screenplay.  2016.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just checking up on you. Glad to see that you’re writing a ton and alive. I was thinking of you because I like to think with your voice in my head and I got to missing the real thing. I’d love to catch up.

    Love ya man!
    Jamie Searle

    • Hey, buddy, glad to see you’re still around, too. Things in general have gotten very hard & complicated in ways that would be laborious to enumerate here, and I don’t get out much (or at all, really), but I’ll let you know if I can get it together to break into the world again sometime. Love to you & yrs too – MSJ

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